Pakistan’s Christian Colony

There are over two and a half million Christians in Pakistan. They are the second largest minority here after the Hindus. The three communities that I visited had a similar look and feel to them: a maze of alleys- some barely wide enough for two people to pass at the same time. We stopped by for a visit on election day and compared to the rest of the city it was bustling.

When I returned last Sunday. Many people were packed inside of a church (that was funded by the Salvation Army). It was an evangelical service and the music sounded very Indian with plenty of hand clapping.

Sometimes you meet a person who stops you in your tracks. That’s what happened to me when I met Simi, an 18 year old young women who is is doing advocacy work around women’s issues. She was recently invited to attend a conference in New York City with other youth from around the world. Now back in Pakistan she leads a street theater group who helps get the message out.



One thought on “Pakistan’s Christian Colony

  1. Interesting photos and story- I wonder exactly what ‘message’ Simi is advocating in her work- Christian, and/or what ‘women’s issues’? How does this very small minority of Christians fit into the majority Muslim society? Do the alleys mean they’re forced to live in a ghetto?

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