Sunday Afternoon in the Park

The temperature in Lahore hit 112 degrees today but it’s a dry heat. Unlike most Pakistanis I don’t have to deal with lack of electricity (load shedding) for a up to fifteen hours a day. That would make life (to say nothing of related health issues) a real challenge. My only minor inconvenience is losing the draft and having to redo the text for this blog post.

I took my photography class out to make photos in the old city this afternoon. What a surprise to find this park and playground in the middle of the walled city just down the street from houses over 150 years old. The children’s play structure looked like the one in Portland packed with families escaping the heat. I wish that our media would report on stories about everyday life here. What could be more universal then a parent taking their kids to the park for a bit of fun and relaxation on a Sunday afternoon?


One thought on “Sunday Afternoon in the Park

  1. This is so true… People are more the same than different. Thanks for these illuminating images. All is well here and with our folks. Stay safe and cool. Love, BB and Dan

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