The Smell of Newspaper Ink

If you judge a country by the number and quality of it’s newspapers then Pakistan isn’t doing too badly. This morning I stumbled upon a street in Lahore where dozens of newspaper delivery men came to pick up their papers. Most of them used motorcycles but some had so many they needed an auto rickshaw to cart them away in.

Funny how the smell of the ink brought back memories from many years ago in Brooklyn when I had my first paper route. I remember sorting the sections of the Sunday Times and stuffing them in my canvas sack.

Here in Lahore my morning copy of The Tribune is left  at the door of my hotel each morning also in a canvas bag. The Tribune is owned by the Daily Express media company and is partnering with the International Herald Tribune. It’s a five star newspaper and costs 19 cents. What a quaint and civilized way to start the day reading it over breakfast.


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