Modern Art and Architecture at the National College of Arts

Founded in 1872, the National College of Arts is the oldest arts institution in Pakistan. I’ve made so many photographs on campus that I’ll be dividing them into several separate posts. For the past week, I’ve also been leading a documentary photography workshop here. More on that later.

I love the intensity and talent of these young artists like Rabia Ehsaan from Karachi, megalopolis of over twenty million people. In her painting below she contrasts growing up there with the greenness of Lahore, a city of only ten million. Everything is relative. Her color palette and perspective stopped me in my tracks. In the painting studio several others were absorbed.

The young artist Ali Talpur from Sindh, one of the four provinces in the southwest of Pakistan illustrates student life- waiting in line at the cafeteria in NCA .

The print making studio

An installation by a young artist from Karachi in it’s early stages. She used fishing tackle line to create the kind of texture that I love to shoot through.

A few images from the Architecture department of art imitating life on the campus.


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