My driver in Lahore kept mentioning electric-city and after the third day it dawned on me that he meant electricity or I should say the lack of it. The city is experiencing a thirty year record breaking heat wave. It was 47c yesterday (that’s 117). People are without electricity for up to twenty hours a day and many are sleeping out on the streets. It’s been a disaster at several of the hospitals where they have cancelled operations for days on end.

Shahid, a journalist who has been showing me around the city only got two hours of sleep last night because of the heat- and he has two small kids. Everywhere in the city people are waiting in line to purchase blocks of ice. Both government and independent power plants are being strained which makes matters worse. Many believe that the scarcity of electricity is partially driven by politics and when the new Prime Minister takes office next month the power supply will resume and he will take the credit for it.


2 thoughts on “Electric−City

  1. Each photograph is excellent but i liked third last photograph the most…….. the photograph of bald head guy looks really funny but in fact its very serious… Shahid HUssain

  2. I must say that I have seen quite a few blogs,But as the saying goes “A Picture is worth a Thousand words”…I am literally dazzled by your Photographs…Outstanding Work and by Far the Best i have seen.

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