Getting Healed in Pakistan

A huge thanks to SAMAA TV reporter Shahid Hussain who showed me around Lahore and introduced me to members of the Christian community and Peersaif Ur Rehman.

Life is tough in Pakistan. Between the economy, load shedding and violence from extremist groups on a daily basis the population at large often turns to other kinds of spiritual faith besides traditional Islam. As in most South Asian countries the extended family plays a major role in helping people cope but for some, other forms of practice are needed.

This man was put into a trance by  Peersaif Ur Rehman . He suffered from mental disorders and had previously received shock therapy that he  claimed didn’t help.

Various patients and Shahid Hussein talking with Peersaif Ur Rehman.

The woman below was believed to have been possessed by evil spirits. When her family found her yelling and crying they took her to priest. In the photograph below he treated her while reciting verses from the Bible.

At the Anglican Church before the Sunday morning service began.


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