The Face of Fullbright in Pakistan

Zafar Baig is an Educational Adviser with the United States Educational Foundation in Islamabad (USEFP). He holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University. Zafar is involved in advising and outreach activities mainly helping  Graduate students pursue their dreams of higher education in the United States. He manages and oversees the preparatory classes for GRE offered by USEFP as well.

He often reminisces about his university life in Corvallis, Oregon. He missed it so much that he went back to visit his alma mater in 2011 after almost 32 years and enjoyed roaming in the corridors of the Memorial Union recreation hall, cafeteria and Beaver Store. When I told Zafar that I lived in Portland and have a relative graduating for the University of Oregon this year his reply was “Once a Beaver, always a Beaver.”

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) can be a major obstacle for students who want to apply for a Fulbright scholarship or pursue a Masters or Doctoral programs on their own. Lack of information about preparation resources and proper guidance on the GRE test has held back many a talented students from taking advantage of opportunities like a Fulbright and other financial aid possibilities at higher education institutions in the United States. USEFP has donated over one hundred sets of standardized test preparations (for graduate and undergraduate admissions) for public sector university libraries  student study groups.

Abdul Rashid has been working with the United States Educational Foundation in Islamabad for the past 34 years. He was one of several drivers who made sure I safely reached all of my appointments on time and in good spirits. Working with such skillful drivers makes a huge difference.


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