Painting and Sculpture Studio Classes at the National College of Arts

It was an inspiration observing the students working on their year end projects at NCA in Lahore. In spite of the 115 degrees (48c) heatwave they remained focused. Considered the most respected art academy in Pakistan, the school has quite a history. Lockwood Kipling (the father of author Rudyard Kipling) taught painting and sculpture and was appointed NCA’s first principle and curator of the Lahore Art Museum over 140 years ago.

Marjan Asadi , a student from Iran told me that she  was trying to catch the model’s feelings, facial expression and body posture. ” I’m using a palette of warm colors which I believe is greatly influenced by the hot weather in Lahore.

A model posing for a painting class as seen above in Marjan Asadi’s painting

Getting the perspective right in a sculpture workshop


Learning calligraphy in a miniature painting class

Working with traditional tools but expressing modern themes. This woman in a miniature painting studio class was working on a drawing about how our minds can easily get distracted.


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